Thursday, January 27, 2011

the woes of work

so i am sitting here at work listening to teenage boys giggle like little girls. seriously. i have no idea what they are watching, but it apparently is hilarious.

i have decided that i like working with guys better than girls. atleast in the context of subbing for high schoolers. i have an easier time getting a lot of the guys to do their work than i do girls sometimes. i think it is a combination of a couple things, but it works for me. we have an auto tech department here and it is mostly guys. i love subbing for them. we have fun and laugh and they guys do what i ask them. most of the time. : ) girls just seem more content to talk to each other than worry about what i think about them or what i ask them to do. not all girls, but a lot of them. there is also a little bit of safe flirting that goes on with the guys. nothing sick or anything but still a little flirting.

one of the major bummers about subbing though is having to come up with things to do while watching them work. there aren't a whole lot things that you can do as a sub. i have taken to writing in my journal and writing my grandmother letters. i also stare into space alot. jk.

another problem is working two jobs when one of them requires early mornings and the other is late nights. needless to say i haven't had much sleep this week.

at the other job there is a countless supply of stupid questions and blank looks. i know you are probably confused that i am not talking about the subbing, but i am not. shocked huh. it is when people come in asking where they can get textbooks and you say the college bookstore, and they just look at you like you are insane. i know seriously, where do you get textbooks? uh, the college bookstore that is kind of their job. another favorite is when asking for a shakespeare play and using two titles to do it. "do you have hamlet by macbeth?" not even kidding they do ask that.

it is a wonder why i keep taking jobs that require me to talk to people. people are dumb. they say and do really dumb things alot. its amazing i haven't been fired for being rude and sarcastic to everyone that asks stupid questions.

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