Friday, July 16, 2010

strange man watching me leave

so i thought i would take a few minutes and write something. i am staying at my sisters apartment while she is out of town, and i noticed a weird man watching me this morning. i was getting ready to leave for work this morning and he watched me get in my car and and then started walking away. when i past him on my way out he was watching me. very weird. i am hoping it is just a parking thing, like i took his spot or something. creepy.

other than that not much going on. in the last two and a half weeks or so i have only slept in my bed three nights. before staying at my sisters place i was house sitting for a week. that house was creepy. huge and dark and empty. i made it though. i miss my dog. i am going out the house today and then sleeping over. i am a little nervous about creepy guy though doing something while i am gone. not enough to keep me here though.

i have been reading a lot lately. it goes in stages. sometimes i read more than others. lots of good books.!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

summer plans

summer plans....i don't have any.

i have been trying to find a job for the summer, i really have, i have applied to three families for a nanny position and to the ymca. nothing so far. i really hate not knowing what i am going to be doing for long periods of time. i want to figure something out.

my sister and her family will be here in a couple weeks which means that things are going to be getting interesting around here. luckily i have other places that i can go. it is going to be cramped here, and the tv schedule will have to be set. i have summer shows that will not be messed with.
; ) it is going to take some getting used to to have three kids around. i have a feeling people will try to regulate my dog and that will not be going over too well. we shall see though.

right now i am waiting on a friend to get down with work so that we can go see hottie jake g in prince of persia. she had to work this morning and the dogs are going slow. hopefully she will get out soon. i have been waiting for so long to see this movie. the critics have not been too kind to it, but all i care about is the hotness factor! i know shallow, but oh so do not care!!! this summer will be pretty full as far as movies. i have the ateam, eclipse, beastly, the killers, ondine, harry potter sometime, so busy busy, and full of hotties!!

i lead a pretty boring life, but i have been waiting for a book to come in. it was supposed to be in on the 25th and it is not here yet. annoying. there are a few books that i am waiting for this summer. i know i get so excited though about what is coming out. i already have gotten and finished a few that i had been waiting on, they came out in april. now i wait for the next crop.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


so i still haven't had any luck with getting a job this week, i have one for later in may, but not this week. i have to remember to go to bed early tonight because fridays are usually really busy. i stayed up way too late last night..i was reading of course.!

i went to barnes and noble last night just cause and i ended up helping one of my co-workers with the info desk line. i am a sucker. i just hate seeing people waiting because when they wait they get nasty. so i told him he needed to bow down to me. he laughed....i was serious : )

i have worked out like three times this week already! i am up to 30 mins. each time. it doesn't sound like a lot, but it is for me. i think i will try for 40 mins next. i have been better about staying within my points this week too, so that is fabulous. i would like to lose 40 pounds, that is the long term goal, the short term is just 5 pounds so i know this works. we shall see!

it is the parentals anniversary today. 33 years, that is crazy, so are they. i am happy to say they love each other and their crazy kids. i know they will be married for another 33 years, no one else would have them : ) love them!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

no job so i will blog

so i haven't had a job this week so far. i need at least two more this week, but i am not sure if that will happen. hopefully i can al least get one on friday. so since i don't have a job today and i don't feel like working out, my tummy is bothering me, i thought i would blog. i know i know i have so much to say..... well today i might. : )

my sister runs the yalitreview and asked me to review some books for her, i don't know if she realizes what she got herself into. any idea how many books i have read? no, well i don't either so this could be interesting. the numbers are in the really high bracket so she might be getting a few reviews. i will try to pick stuff that is not as well known. i have plenty.

on the job front i am not sure what i am going to do this summer. i don't have a job right now past the end of may. my sis wants me to be a nanny, apparently a lot of people need them in the summer. i help her with her people sometimes and the money is worth it, but i just haven't decided what i am going to do this summer. the fam is planning a trip at the end of june to see grandma and i want to go, but that would make having a new job difficult. so i need to decide what i am going to do about it.

the married sis and her hubby and baby are moving to texas!! everybody say hooray! we are all so excited! it will be hard for them to be away from his two other kids, but the move is for the best. now they just need to find jobs. which is easier here than where they are now if you can believe it. no worries they will be good.

well i better get to writing these reviews!

Thursday, April 15, 2010


thought i would take a minute and send a note out to the verse, things are going okay for me right now. i have been substituting pretty regularly which is nice. i still haven't been able to fix my car from last november, but honestly that is the least of my worries right now. i have so many books to read, i think people need to take a break from writing books to give me time to catch up on my reading. i really don't think that will happen though, jerks. my dog is doing well, we aren't as active as i would like, but with working so much i haven't had a lot of time. my life is full of work, reading, and friends right now so it is not too bad!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

been too long

i wonder why i start things like this, because i never keep it up. i get so excited about something and then it fizzles. maybe it is because i don't do anything exciting. or at all. i am not sure. i will hopefully be taking a cruise in august if things go my way, which in all honesty doesn't really happen like ever. but i will proceed in life like i will get what i want. hope springs eternal like my dad always says.

i am going to start substituting soon. i am just waiting for my number. then i can get jobs. hopefully people will take lots of days off. my sis already got me a couple for feb. awesome. i just want to start, i hate waiting for things. ironically i don't have a whole lot of patience.

i did get to meet a really great author last friday. she wrote Hush, Hush. my sis was doing an interview with her and i got to tag a long. it was cool and she signed my book. it was fun. i have only met a couple famous people. i say famous because she is on the new york bestsellers list. i might get to meet ally carter too. it pays to have a sister who knows people.

i still haven't been able to get my car fixed, hopefully soon, i am tired of looking white trash. plus it is ugly, it just hangs there. i miss my hubcap too. i had some guy come up to me in a parking lot and tell me could fix it for pretty cheap. it sounded too good to be true. he is mobile so he would come to the house and do it. i am sorry the damage looks bad enough that i don't trust his assessment. i told him thanks and i would think about it. and i did think about it. i thought about it till i came up with no.

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