Thursday, January 27, 2011

the woes of work

so i am sitting here at work listening to teenage boys giggle like little girls. seriously. i have no idea what they are watching, but it apparently is hilarious.

i have decided that i like working with guys better than girls. atleast in the context of subbing for high schoolers. i have an easier time getting a lot of the guys to do their work than i do girls sometimes. i think it is a combination of a couple things, but it works for me. we have an auto tech department here and it is mostly guys. i love subbing for them. we have fun and laugh and they guys do what i ask them. most of the time. : ) girls just seem more content to talk to each other than worry about what i think about them or what i ask them to do. not all girls, but a lot of them. there is also a little bit of safe flirting that goes on with the guys. nothing sick or anything but still a little flirting.

one of the major bummers about subbing though is having to come up with things to do while watching them work. there aren't a whole lot things that you can do as a sub. i have taken to writing in my journal and writing my grandmother letters. i also stare into space alot. jk.

another problem is working two jobs when one of them requires early mornings and the other is late nights. needless to say i haven't had much sleep this week.

at the other job there is a countless supply of stupid questions and blank looks. i know you are probably confused that i am not talking about the subbing, but i am not. shocked huh. it is when people come in asking where they can get textbooks and you say the college bookstore, and they just look at you like you are insane. i know seriously, where do you get textbooks? uh, the college bookstore that is kind of their job. another favorite is when asking for a shakespeare play and using two titles to do it. "do you have hamlet by macbeth?" not even kidding they do ask that.

it is a wonder why i keep taking jobs that require me to talk to people. people are dumb. they say and do really dumb things alot. its amazing i haven't been fired for being rude and sarcastic to everyone that asks stupid questions.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

new poem

so i have decided to share this with all of you, enjoy, and if you don't, don't tell me. :)

Frozen Prison

I sit, frozen in the moment
as ice forms around me,
holding my breathe in.
The thaw of spring is
in the nonexistent future-
my future.

All thoughts, all feelings,
encased in ice.
All, except those
I needed stunted the most-

Visions of you,
visions of us,
torment me inside my prison.
My jailor is cold and unforgiving.

My frigid heart still beats for you,
slow, steady, and jaggedly.
The beating tears me apart.
You should not have power here
yet it beats for you, not for me-
for you.

so there it is. i hope you like it
i'm thinking of posting my latest poem, but i'm not sure if i really want too. i think it is one of my best, but if no one else thinks so what is that saying about my opinion? i will think on it and decide soon. stay on the edge of your seats!

Friday, January 7, 2011

two things

so i have noticed two things, one, i suck at blogging, and two i have nothing really important to say. yeah i can babble with the best of them, but who wants to read that? i know i don't. so i will just do some updates.

mom and dad are building a new house, and while it is getting done we have had to live in an apartment. soooo much fun. seriously. christmas in a three bedroom apartment with 12 people and two dogs. tell me you aren't jealous. so the house is going to be done on the 20th of this month. i am so excited! i am so done with apartment living. you might be wondering why i am still living with my parents, and so am i. just kidding. i know why, i just don't want to tell you. :)

i am still working two jobs and it is not so bad. sometimes i wish that i could work more so that i could afford to go to school so that i could then work more. but i would be doing something i actually wanted to do. crazy idea i know.

my baby has learned the comforts of sleeping on my bed with me. problems come two-fold. one, he has ripped the sheets due to his need to scratch before he lays down. two, he can now stand over me to wake me up. he did that this morning. nice. i of course am still able to ignore him. : )

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my baby
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