Sunday, November 15, 2009

not very good at this

so i was thinking the other day that i am not very good at posting on my blog. it has been a crazy month so i should have been posting. the week after my birthday i had to get four new tires and a rim, and i still need a hubcap. then my dog started throwing up like every other day for a couple weeks, finally took him to vet, had to get xrays then a barium test with more xrays, and then surgery. we were worried he had something stuck in his stomach, but nothing. it was just irritated, and after the biopsy we found that he had a small amount of this bacteria that can lead to cancer so it was good that we did the surgery.
on top of all that, i was just in a car accident. at the time i was alone and everyone was telling me it was my fault. the whole time i was thinking "why" i didn't understand why it was my fault. after talking to the insurance company the next day they told me it was not my fault. load off of my mind. so needless to say it has been a hell of a month.
hopefully i can make it thru the next month.

Friday, October 9, 2009

been awhile

so it has been awhile since i have been on here. i just don't do much. nothing to write home about. i read, i have read about five or six books this week which honestly is kinda slow for me. school is okay i have A's in history and psychology. math not so much. i struggle to care about math, but that is not new.
my birthday was the 3rd of this month and that was good. i had mother make a fruit pizza since i am trying to not eat as much sugar. it was fabulous!! i still have a present coming this tuesday, it wasn't out in time for my actual bday so it will be this coming tuesday.
i had to get four new tires, and a rim on weds. that was fun. it was also a lot of money. God laughs at me.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

too many opinions

i love how people who aren't mormon are "mormon experts". that is really quite interesting to me. you can't really call your self an expert when there are things that you don't know. we don't share everything with the public. you have to get to a certain point and age before you can "know everything".
i was reading an article on mormons and prop 8. "the evil take the truth to be hard". why is it that on private property we can't ask that people respect our beliefs? you are in utah you freaks! if you don't like it then get out! we were here first and most of the tourist places are private property so get off! it is very frustrating. sorry parents who have gay children, the rules don't change just because you didn't do your job right. cities were destroyed people. it is majority rule in this country folks. you people are not the majority. deal with it. kiss in your home, not my backyard, or place of worship.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


i have never been good at waiting. i hate waiting. stuff that i want resolved right away but can't for whatever reason. i find that very irritating. i just want to get it done, and that is especially if it is unpleasant. i have no real problem waiting for my birthday or christmas, but something that is important and going slowly i find so hard.
like school i just want it to be started so that i am that much closer to being done. my sister and niece coming, i just want them here. money, i just want that now. i am not a very patient person a lot of the time. i should be, but i am not. i hate waiting on other people too. if something needs to be done i suck at waiting on another person to do it.
i had to write this down because of some stuff going on right now. just venting.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


i just wanted to write something real quick. my neice is doing better and will be coming to visit soon, and we are all excited about it. school will be starting soon. i need to go and get a parking pass and try to price my books. getting excited about school too.

we didn't have a computer for a few days and i never realized how much i use it until it is gone. i am so glad to have it back. i added some songs to my blog so i hope you enjoy! gotta go get ready for transformers!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

baby is here!

the baby is finally here! i have been showing pictures to everyone. it is weird to think i am an aunt. sister has stepchildren and i love them, but this is my first niece. different. so anyway i just wanted to post that for all my non-existent readers, and jessica : )

Thursday, July 23, 2009

baby time

sister is having her baby as we speak! it is very weird to think that she is having a baby. apparently it is going really slowly which i know she is hating. mom can't go up till next thursday. baby came early. strange for our family considering we all came late. go figure.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

dog bites

so i have been bit by a dog. it was about a year ago and not fun. i got seven stitches and the stitches hurt worse than the bite. it was a wheaton terrrier, and if you don't know what kind of dog that is, i can't help you. all i can say is "ankle biter". so needless to say i have been somewhat cautious since then. i say somewhat because i still do things i shouldn't, like grab dogs by the collar. anyway, so there is a dog at work right now that has stitches in his ear due to a fight with his brother. both dogs have been known to bite people. my co-worker and i had to spray something on his stitches this afternoon. he didn't want to come out of his crate so silly me went in with him. as i was doing this i was thinking to myself "you really shouldn't be doing this, if he gets pissed enough he could bite your face off" hindsight is 20/20 though. we managed to spray some on, not well, but then after putting him back, we had to get him out again to put something else on him. so not fun. when a big dog doesn't want to do something, not a whole lot you can do except try your best to get it done. luckily no more dog bites....... atleast today.

My first blog

Well this is my first blog, and i don't know what to say. i will eventually post some poetry and pictures on here, but for now not so much. i don't know why i decided to do a blog, but here we are. aside from working at the dog kennel i don't really do much other than read and watch tv. boring i know. once school starts up in the fall i will be busier. i will be finishing my english degree so that i can continue into a graduate degree, i would like psychology, but last i checked not too many programs around here. my long term goal is to be a college professor. i do things the hard and slow way so it has taken me a while. middle child, what can i say.
i watch a lot of tv, but the way i figured it as long as my reading doesn't suffer i am ok. considering i can still read 1200 pages in a 12 hour period- i'm still good. i love to read. i try to share books with people, but books are so personal sometimes it is hard to do it. people have to trust you first.

About Me

I was born in Houston Texas, lived in Denver, CO; Moscow, ID; Rexburg, ID; and Ogden, UT. I am currently back in Katy, TX. I work for my local school district as a substitute, and i have a second job at a local bookstore. I hang out with my family a lot, I have a black lab named Weston-my baby, I read oh so much, and love tv and movies. I enjoy writing poetry although I don't really share it that much. The friends I have I have had for a while, and they are awesome of course!

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  • Seer series
  • Truth series
  • Twilight series
  • Vampire Academy series

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  • Bones
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my baby
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