Sunday, November 15, 2009

not very good at this

so i was thinking the other day that i am not very good at posting on my blog. it has been a crazy month so i should have been posting. the week after my birthday i had to get four new tires and a rim, and i still need a hubcap. then my dog started throwing up like every other day for a couple weeks, finally took him to vet, had to get xrays then a barium test with more xrays, and then surgery. we were worried he had something stuck in his stomach, but nothing. it was just irritated, and after the biopsy we found that he had a small amount of this bacteria that can lead to cancer so it was good that we did the surgery.
on top of all that, i was just in a car accident. at the time i was alone and everyone was telling me it was my fault. the whole time i was thinking "why" i didn't understand why it was my fault. after talking to the insurance company the next day they told me it was not my fault. load off of my mind. so needless to say it has been a hell of a month.
hopefully i can make it thru the next month.

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my baby
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